Saturday, November 26, 2011


                                                     Grandpa Gillow and Dad
                                                               Grandma Madden and Dad
 All my presents. Mom and Dad got me stuff of my registry :) Measuring cups,measuring spoon, a gravy shaker,the popcorn bowls we registered for,rolling pin and MORE money From Grandma and Grandpa Gillow, from John and Deb I got The Heritage of Lancaster County (TheShunning, The Confession, The Reckoning) I think that is all SUPRISED ME!!! :

                                                     John and Deb Spiron :)
                                              Cookie I can make a giant cookie cake from                                          Grandma and Grandpa Madden :) and we got some moola :)

Oh my goodness we had an AWESOME Christmas. I expected one gift from each person and WOW suprised me!!!!!

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